YOLO Say No to animal Derivatives

What is Animal Derivatives?
According to European law, it is any material
derived from the body of an animal.

What do we mean by It ? … It means that YOLO certifies
that no product it supplies contains any ingredient or
sub-ingredients of animal origin, particularly no
component made of ruminant extracts or
derivatives? All YOLO products are vegan.

Which means that it is Non-toxic, non-flammable
and non-HAZMAT. Doesn’t exhale inconvenient
harsh smells and odors and is physiologically

Substance a known carcinogen, cancer-causing compounds.
that can affect the central nervous system and cause reproductive harm. Its major use is as an additive in gasoline

some of our nail products like ridge filler have
vitamin C and E to hydrate nails and antioxidizing to
promote nail strength. And YOLO Calcium that
contain concentrated calcium complex.

like calcium it helps preserve the nail’s natural
moisture balance and is suited for sensitive and
weakened nails.