Nail Stamper

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YOLO French stamper Fast and easy french style.
The silicone stamping head is easy to reach the edge of most curved nails.

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Now you can achieve French-style nails quickly and effortlessly with the YOLO French Stamper.
This stamper features a transparent silicone head that gives you perfect nails
and allows you to easily reach the edges of curved nails
How to use
  1. Apply base coat or regular polish on your nails
  2. Apply some nail polish on the stamper smooth jelly surface
  3. Press your nails vertically in the jelly silicone area with the position you want to decorate
  4. You will get your French nails easily For long lasting manicure apply YOLO TOP COAT
How to clean
Clean the silicon head using cotton pads with a little bit of YOLO nail polish remover
Tips & Tricks
polish the surface with a Nail file
wipe it cleanly
put the nail in vertically