3D Top Coat

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3D Gel Look

Voluminous Coating

High Gloss

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YOLO 3D Top Coat is crystal clear formula.

It has been developed to quickly achieve impeccably curved nails with a wet-look shine like professional gel nails.

A formula that prevents manicure discoloration and keeps the nails from yellowing


  1. Apply Your Favorite Shade from YOLO on clean nails 
  2. Wait for the color to fully dry 
  3. Apply one coat of YOLO 3D Top coat on dry nail polish.
  4. Leave it to dry completely
  5. Re-apply if needed to revive the gloss.
  6. Due to extremely high solids, do not apply over color not dry.
  • Gives a gel look
  • Keeps nail polish color for longer
  • Extra shine 
  • Makes color more vibrant.
  • Gel tech formula
Suggested Usage for the bottle
  1. Note: Slightly thicker formula than a classic top coat, that needs careful handling.
  2. Clean the neck with YOLO remover after use if necessary.
  3. Close the bottle securely.
  4. To use the right amount of product, remove any excess by carefully wiping the stem and brush inside the neck of the bottle vertically.
  1. Do not swallow.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Keep away from heat or Flame.
  1. Store in a cool, dry place with a consistent temperature.
  2. Store it away from direct sunlight.
  3. Close the bottle securely.

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