YOLO 6-WAY Buffer “Six-Sided”

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Buff your nails anywhere using YOLO 6-way buffer for a quick touch-up whenever you want. YOLO 6-way buffer activates the nail's natural oil production and leaves them looking healthy. It has 6 sides to file, smooth ridges, buff, and shine your nails. It is flexible and well-cushioned for long-lasting use.


Just follow each step below to achieve a perfect shape and shine on each of your nails
( press gently on nail buffer in each step ):

Step 1.    “EVENT OUT “ to erase the imperfections of the nail surface.
Step 2.   “ SMOOTH” to make nails even & regular. Smooth out ridges & remove stains by gently brushing the entire nail surface from right to left.
Step 3.   “BUFF” nails to look consistent.
Step 4.   “SHINE” buff your nails gently with this side. This step can be repeated every few days to maintain a natural shine. Make sure to press firmly.
Side 5 .   “White side” File your nail tips always file in the same direction.
Side 6.   “Black side” Sharpen nail edges.

  • Each side has a different rough number (150/220,320,600/1200,3000)



1- YOLO buffer will give your nails a shiny & healthy look.
2- Ideal for shaping nails.
3- It gives you a cushion effect so that you can trim your nails with less strength.
4- Nourish and protect your nails from environmental factors.

  •  The nails must be completely dry
  • Use only as directed.
  • Don’t use nail file used for infected nails on healthy nails, you may spread the infection.
  • Avoid storing in extreme high & low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.

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